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About us

Forward Thinking

Client Focussed

Problem Solvers

Mpulse was founded in 2000 to provide a fresh and innovative approach to the strategic management of major projects and programmes.  The company quickly grew as did its reputation for providing expert support and helping to overcome significant challenges on complex assignments.  Over the years and in response to our clients’ needs, we have developed a range of complimentary services that include specialist financial, design coordination and contract management.

Mpulse is a people business.  It’s our people who work out the solutions to the multitude of challenges presented and we now have a sizeable team of engaging, highly-skilled and experienced specialists operating throughout the UK, allowing us to match your requirements with exactly the right people with the right skills at the right time.

The fact that our fast-growing workload and expanding client base come through repeat business and recommendation tells us that our clients really like working with us (they also tell us so in person!).  That’s why businesses of all shapes and sizes, from innovative startups to some of the UK’s largest public and private sector organisations, come to us time after time.


Developing innovative solutions, testing the feasibility of ideas and properly appraising options is at the heart of sound investment decision making.  We focus on the creation of realistic and robust business cases, business plans and management accounts.


Quality time and process allocated at the outset of a project pays huge dividends later down the line.  Our Better Briefing methodology will help transform your organisation’s vision into outstanding design and facilities that properly fulfil user needs.


Adopting a strategic approach to managing projects and assignments helps ensure that the right things are done for the right reasons at the right time so that projects are designed around real needs and are focused on delivering real outcomes.


Ensuring that all parties to a contract understand and comply with their obligations is the key to successful service delivery.  Our primary focus is to ensure that our clients are receiving good value for money and that they are getting what they have paid for.