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Right People.  Right Skills.  Right Time.

Founded in 2000 with the aim of delivering the very best in strategic project management support, Mpulse now provides a broad range of integrated business and professional management services to many of the UK’s leading public, private and community sector organisations.  From appraising options, undertaking feasibility studies, developing business cases, preparing business plans, briefing the team, coordinating designs, managing projects to finance and accounting, we have it all covered, helping you to make the right decisions and deliver the positive changes needed to achieve your goals.





What our clients say

I must confirm that my experience of having Mpulse work with my services and I has been an extremely positive one.

The advice and guidance provided by Mpulse has been extremely well informed, even in areas where Mpulse have limited technical knowledge, they have researched and developed their understanding to augment their commendable project, financial and management skills. Indeed, it is fair to say, we as a Client, have learnt from Mpulse.

Accordingly I would have no hesitation in recommending Mpulse for project, programme and financial management services.

Head of Services

The Council has benefited from Mpulse’s significant breadth of expert experience and strategic guidance over a number of years. We and our partner organisations have been able to deliver a range of projects and meet strategic targets in no small part thanks to Mpulse’s project and programme management skills, multi-organisation co-ordination, end-product focused, client-centered, value for money driven attention to detail.  Mpulse has repeatedly brought people with exactly the right skills to knit seamlessly into the organisation, leading, constructively challenging, motivating everyone to work in a truly collaborative way to deliver the required outcomes, on time and within budget.
Building Services Manager

Since 2007, Mpulse has played a leading and highly successful role in the management of the majority of our PFI contracts.

The longevity of this commission is testimony to the company’s ability to critically evaluate complex contracts and drive efficiencies wherever possible.

The reason that we have continued to employ Mpulse for a number of years now is due to the fact that the quality of their work is consistently excellent and their staff are respected by both officers and elected members.

I have no hesitation in recommending them for similar work or projects.

Director of Policy & Governance